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The founders of Set & Match were typesetters and compositors by training. Things moved on from the hot metal days; and we moved ahead of them. We were early adopters of computerised page layout and provided that service to printers in Birmingham and beyond. We maintained that lead and today use the most current software and hardware.
The old page layout skills are still valid, on screen and on paper. They are available to you as a freelance typesetting bureau. Send us your projects and free up your time whilst we give your words the stage that they deserve.

Make your story a page turner.

Successful layout of text on a page is a balance of art and science.
Polished, professional prose looks better than just good. It needs to work for your reader, keeping them engaged and communicating your message.
We will typeset your copy to work best in your chosen publication, be it magazine, annual report, technical catalogue or book.
You are the queen (or king) of content, so we won’t edit, just polish. We can work to your design template or advise on fonts, pagination or layout. You will get to review and amend a proof before finalising your file.
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Ease your studio's workload

Lean on us as an extra pair of hands. Offload the hard yards of a big project onto us; in confidence and with confidence.

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

We agree with Walt Disney. Give us your technical tables and complex layouts.
“If we can dream it, we can do it.”

Be print-ready with confidence

Receive from us a professional PDF of your document to your chosen printer’s specifications. We’re here if you have queries or problems.

Accept files in any format

Send in your text and pictures in any format; electronic or paper-based or a mix of the two. There’s not a lot we can’t handle.