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Birmingham 1831 ©Ordnance Survey

Our History

Founded in Birmingham in 1992

Initially we offered typesetting and bureau services to the printing trade. Back then, each of our imagesetters cost around twice the price of an average house. The film and bromide we could output naturally found favour with local printers. The reputation and trust we built as reliable partners has carried with us to the present. Nowadays we have diversified into supplying print and websites to end users alongside our trade customers.


Set & Match Founded

Progressive and independent from Day 1.

Drum Scanner Added

For high resolution and fine art reproduction.



Move To New Studios

We own our own home now!

Large Format Printer Installed

Pioneering on-demand POS print.



Computer to Plate Installed

First to offer this new technology to printers.

Digital Press Room Opened

Short run printers from Xerox and HP Indigo.



Invested in Litho Print

Launching our partnership with Colprint.

Acquired Dataproof and Innprint

Bringing expertise in business forms and the hospitality industry.



Integrating our Web Studio

Formalising our digital design and website building services.

Our Environmental Policy

Paper is a truly sustainable product.

We naturally take our impact on the world around us extremely seriously and strive to minimise the harm we cause as much as possible.
It should be remembered however that paper has great environmental credentials, even more so than an email! Let’s break that down:

  • Everybody loves trees! The European forests that provide the fibre for our paper are expanding by an area of around 1,500 football pitches, every day*. More paper = more trees.
  • The paper we use comes from well-managed woodland, overseen by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). There is no chopping down of irreplaceable habitats.
  • Nearly 75% of paper and paper packaging is recycled into more paper. Most of the rest is kept as long term archives or put to other uses*.
  • The construction industry and furniture makers need large pieces of heart wood from a tree. The wood that is used for paper comes from the left-over bits.
  • The energy for paper production is mostly* biomass fuelled. Contrast that with the demands of keeping computers and servers powered up worldwide to deliver and view emails 24/7/365.

We don’t mean to preach, but there are some myths surrounding the sustainability of paper that need busting. *Much more detail and information can be found at Two Sides, a forum of the graphics supply chain.

How else do we help?

We offer 100% recycled paper and vegetable inks to present your marketing with the best environmental credentials.

We have removed or reduced the demand for chemicals and water in our production plant and techniques.

Our shipping cartons are often pre-loved and re-used. Rest assured the contents are brand new though!

The cushioning void fill in our parcels is brown paper or biodegradable bubble wrap.

We have switched our studio to LED lighting and energy-efficient computers and vehicles.