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Graphic Design


Not all of these terms can be applied to our talented team of designers, but they do apply to the visual gems produced in our studio.

A professional layout will lift a mundane leaflet into an eye-catching marketing tool or a limp logo into a brand with strength. Our highly skilled graphic designers are just the people to take your brief and translate it into an exciting message with positive impact.

Because we are confident in what we do, we guarantee our design work.

You know your brand better than anyone.

We will listen to your story; where you’ve come from and where you’re going to.
We will dig deep into what you want to say and how best to present to the world.
Together, we will define your message.
Only then will we pull out the digital pencil box and start designing.
Tempting though it is to dive straight in, that initial conversation means we are targeting our efforts, getting to the right result quicker and realising the strongest return on your investment.

Graphic Design Roundel

What does Graphic Design involve?

It’s not all colouring in. Unfortunately.
It is, however, all about communication.
Skills in layout, typography, image manipulation, colour theory, illustration and more all combine to get your message across in an effective and attractive way.
Our graphic designers have spent years studying their craft and many more putting it into practice. We are still learning. We keep up to date with the freshest trends, latest techniques and new features of the professional software we use.

The end goal is to:

  • sell your products
  • improve your business’ workflow
  • advertise your event
  • inform your staff

Whichever message you want to broadcast, our role is to make it heard and understood.
Our experience and skillset in design will help lift your enterprise above the crowd of competitors.
And remember: we guarantee you will be happy with our work.

Our Design Guarantee

We want you to be confident that, working with us, you’ll get awesome service and your business will benefit from your investment in our creativity.

We therefore guarantee that if you’re not happy with the design that we’ve created, we’ll keep working on it until you are happy. Completely happy!

No argument, no fuss, and no charge until it’s right.

Tell us what you know

Lets start some groundwork.
This will help us bring our best game. Importantly, it will save you, our client, time and money.
That’s what we call win-win.

Where are you?

What is your company’s history and current situation?
What do you consider as your strengths and weaknesses?

What do you want?

How do you want to deliver your message? Brochure, website, advertising, fresh rebrand?
What objective do you want to achieve?

Who is your audience?

Who are you talking to and what do you want them to know?
What tone of voice do you use? Professional, friendly, logical?

The 'other stuff'

What is your budget?
Is there a deadline to meet?
Do you love or loathe something we need to know about?