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Social Distancing Signage
from Set & Match

We are not there just yet but an exit strategy from lock down is due.

This period of disruption has presented many challenges for businesses, from safeguarding companies to supporting customers and maintaining staff wellbeing.

Fortunately the UK Government has declared planning for the next phase of their covid-19 strategy which could see the lockdown enforcement eased within the coming weeks.

With this, freedom of movement will allow UK businesses to slowly return to work. However it is unlikely to be business as usual, with social distancing and hygiene measures likely to practised until the end of the year.

This means companies will require numerous health and safety products to ensure the safeguarding of their staff and customers.

This is where we can assist. Set & Match has supplied printed materials to businesses for over 25 years and we have developed a range of products to highlight health and hygiene practices in office and factory environments.

Our catalogue covers vital social distancing tools

We can supply floor stickers, banners and sneeze guards, PPE protection and identification – including full face visors, tabard aprons and stickers – along with a range of health advice signage, posters, strut cards and flyers. Some of our products are displayed below. Please browse for what you need and talk to us about including signage and PPE in your reopening strategy.

We have free print templates and discounts on supporting print to help you launch your plan

Sneeze Guard

Sneeze Guard

Bollard Cover

Bollard Covers

Window Poster

Window Posters

Floor Sticker

Floor Stickers

PVC Tabard Apron

PVC Aprons

Visor and Face Mask

Visors and Face Masks

Strut Card

Strut Cards

Hand Wash Sign

Hand Wash Signs

Roller Banner

Roller Banners

How to Order

Every situation is unique and every firm will have bespoke needs. We will advise and quote based on your particular situation. What do we need to know?

  • You have considered the impact of social distancing on your workplace and devised a system that will allow you to start working.
  • You know what items you need to keep your workforce safe and how many of each you want.
  • All of the signs can be printed with your message. Even the face masks can sport your logo. (Sorry, but we can’t personalise the visors yet.)
  • Stuck for a design? We have templates ready for you to use FREE OF CHARGE. Please just ask.

We are offering a range of supporting printed items with a 20% discount to help ease the transition to the new way of working.

  • Flyers
  • Stitched brochures
  • Posters
  • Outdoor Banners