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‚ÄčOverviewInbetween the artist's initial vision and the printer's final product lies the multitude of skills in our reprographics department. Decades of experience leave few in Birmingham better versed than us at getting your files onto press with the minimum of fuss. Do you have a job that just won't work? Chances are we can fix it. We run the latest versions of all the popular software on both Macs and PCs - we'll handle Word and Publisher as happily as Indesign and Quark.Computer to PlateSmooth gradients, spotless tints and reduced make ready times are benefits you'll see from using our metal plates. Our plate making service offers the trade a rapid, accurate turnaround for presses from B2 down to envelope printers. We've probably got the plates you use in stock, so we can get that job from disc to press in no time. Just leave it to us.FilmStill much loved by screen printers, UV laminators and us, a bank of imagesetters fires out film for a number of our customers. From A5 to over a metre square; in positive or negative; we've got it covered.Scanning

We've also got a comprehensive range of finishing solutions inhouse, as well as close bonds with print finishing houses - all this means we can give you the job you want at a competitive price!